Sushisource V.S?

Well, i decided i want to battle someone. I’m not very good, but I am… “proficient” if that word works.

So I want to battle someone!
Application - Photoshop
Theme - Up to the challanger
Size - 500 X 500
Exchange - PSD

Did i miss anything? I cant think of what i’d like to use as a source, so i suppose that’s up to the challenger too.

woohoo! two simultaneous 4-way battles!

im confuzzled

let me know when this mess gets all sorted out.


if no 6 then im in for a 1v1 v - can even pick a new image if ya like

I see a long river road type of thing. Wouldn’t call it end of road. “…no coming back…”? Isn’t it no going or turning back?

Some wierd stuff going on in that pic :puzzle:…

Eathanm :P.

So does Handler have the PSD for this?

Is he working on it?

Sharif… I’m thinking really painful thoughts about you…

Lol! What’s it this time? Putting me with cows so they can slaughter my neck and eat me eathanm?

Oh master eathanm?


Back on topic.

Hah, i actually Meant to do that… ya :d: I speeling goos huh?

Aside from the SPEeLLING error how do you like it? And it’s jpeg exchange, not PSD

Sharif - generally, i consider it the end of the road when there IS NO MORE ROAD (and or river)

I think you’s confused son.

Yeah it’s good work man,
but I don’t think you read my critique. Just the font doesn’t fit, and the top looks odd, and doesn’t fit my taste. But I know your busy, Good Work!

Yeah, i did read the crit. But i have to much homework to be redoing the image. Thanks

Ethan - Oops. Here is the .psd. It’s a whole freakin mega byte… I zipped it

Off topic - Grinch, have you dl-ed that Counterstrike source code stuff?

Ok Handler is working on his…

Well here is my volley, hope you all enjoy. If you look carefully EthanM’s name is spelled Mr. EathanM. :huh:

Nice Volley. Ok I’ll get on my go tonight. what is the Theme again?

Wow… i got OWNED

I still don’t really know what the theme of this battle is, but I took the end thing off road to the trail.
P.S. That symbol I found is a metal art piece called end of the trail. Sort of all came together nicely and I brought Sushis arrow things back. It’s way to late and I don’t care, so here is my entry.

Let me Know if you want the Source.

I like it!
Great work, I would say it fits the end of the road theme perfectly!

So I guess it’s my turn eh?
Well guys, like I said I am in FL right now, so you could wait until Monday/Tuesday or if I try to grab a copy of PS from someone down here.

Awww so now we gotta wait for you?? :stuck_out_tongue: