Sushisource V.S?

Well, i decided i want to battle someone. I’m not very good, but I am… “proficient” if that word works.

So I want to battle someone!
Application - Photoshop
Theme - Up to the challanger
Size - 500 X 500
Exchange - PSD

Did i miss anything? I cant think of what i’d like to use as a source, so i suppose that’s up to the challenger too.

Erm…I’ll take you on in a challenge, im in the middle of another battle right now but I can wing it. You can PM with the info (image, who goes first etc.) or just im me at handler4me

Aw poo…
I wanted to battle, but I get home on the 26th, if your stil up for it then, then I’m in.

Grinch, sure i can still battle you. We can do it over IM or something.

Handler, ok do you want to pick the image/theme?

EDIT : We’ll make it a 3 way Sushi VS Handler VS Grinch

I didn’t know Grinch was involved but ok… I looked for an image and here’s what I found.

As for the theme…what about Mystery/Scary scenes.

I guess Grinch should volley last so we can wait until he gets back. So how about the order is Sushi, then me, then Grinch.

Good luck everyone.

oihhhh looks like we have a 3 way on our hands, it will be good to see how this turns out !!!

/me puts on his war helmet

//have fun guys

let me know if you need a 4th.

Let’s get a fourth in here! Aw that would be awsome.

Sushi vs. Handler vs. Ethan vs. Grinch

Sounds good? Plus I need time anyways :wink:

hey I am quite new to the battles, but I love the idea and would like to start participating, if you dont have the room thats cool.

I made something quick today, If more officially in i might revisit a new version ;p

If they end up being full I would be more than happy to battle with you MutedLogic I have been in a battling mood latley.

Ok, So am I in or not?

And How does this work? DO we all 3 create our own image? PLay off eachothers?

Ok, then Ethan is in.

Because the order is Me, Handler, Ethan, Grinch

I will go first. Excpect my work sometime later today, i have math homwwork.

This stays:

Wait… how did you get from 4 to 6??? And no. I’m sorry.

It’s OK I’ve started my own battle. Join in if you want. EVERYONE IS WELCOME!
Anyway I went from 4 to 5 via Muted Logic then to 6 with me. It just took me a while to make that banner thing so by the time I posted you had already decided on the batting order. Sorry. I’l delete my posts if you want.

Lol… You do that :wink:

woohoo! two simultaneous 4-way battles!

im confuzzled

let me know when this mess gets all sorted out.