VR in Flash...?

I don´t have the stitch softwares to make VR with pictures, so I´m tought doing this with flash.
How do I make the pictures change from one another with click and drag of the mouse? Go left and right, and even (maybe) up and down, so the pictures change getting the illusion of moving around the object or ground.


Panoramic or VR object?

Vr object for now



the tutorial you send me is great. Helped me a lot.

Now I´m planning a panoramic Vr tour.
Is possible to do it just using a camera and Flash?

certainly you can. However, you wont get perspective distortion like in QT (well you can simulate some of it but wont be as impressive and can potentially slow you down).

is there a turorial you know about panoramic vr?
i searched here but didn´t find.


The process to make the mouse movement I belive is the same as for virtual object.
But how do I make the pictures of a room to join together?