Wach movies from the internet?

How can i wach my movie over the internet from a html?

It needs to be a quicktime movie or your can pretty much import any video files into Flash MX and then publish a flash file on the web with your video included!

That’s what i allready started doing desperadely.

The thing is that i’ve compresed the movie to a very little size with a very good quality down to 4 MB

If i import that movie into flash with 100 % quality and size, 12 fps, the movie takes up 50 MB.

So in order to view the movie in flash, the quality and the size goes down by 50%.

The result is far away from what i achieved compressing the movie…

Maybe there’s a way of loading a movie from location into flash?

There is, your using Flash MX right? Go to the main kirupa forum and post in the ‘Flash MX’ forum and me or another moderator will make you a mini-tutorial on importing movies if your having trouble but if you have any quedtions you can always email me or post in the flash mx forum!

Yes, i have flash MX

…actualy, i’ve kinda posted a thread earlier, but didn’t get any help from it…

But i’ll put another one right away

Thanx a lot for the support, dan :slight_smile:

btw, nice footer

well yes you can. i have on my server streaming media/audio. meaning u can have real player or asx/asf/mpeg files on your site that people can view without having to download 99999999999mb file size.

but the problem is if its in quick time format, some people dont have quick time and they won be able to view the movie. under the movie you should think about adding

If you dont see the movie above click here

and that will direct them to a page where they can download a free version of quick time:P