Wacom (edited title)

I’ve seen more of your insanity. I am appreciative of insanity… it’s one of the mainstays of my life,

HOWEVER… if I see one more post which I think is designed to illicit an angry reply, then I will talk with Kirupa. I’m currently saving all of the posts of yours which I delete for this purpose. I have no doubt that he will agree with me if he reads some of this crap.

DO NOT PUSH THIS BOARD… you’re stupid childish antics are not funny, they are ignorant, foolish, and impede the progress of people who are trying to learn… and that I will not stand for in any location I am a mod at.
I really don’t care if you keep making flash stuff or not… at one point that may have protected you from my wrath, but it is not unlimited protection.

I repeat… you are not funny, cut it out. If you have nothing useful to post, then DONT POST ANYTHING.

i can cook a mean hamburger helper =] see… helpful. rofl j/k

i agree 569% man. i told ya… people like him dont stop. we seen it before.

i get my wacom tomorrow morning so i will start flashing again i think… and i can also help big time in photoshop related questions…

hey I know you’re helpful IcU… you’ve been a staple here for a long time. I certainly don’t blame you for anything.

I caught this little punk telling a new poster of ours to shut up.

the ONLY thing I will not tollerate is driving people away… anyone tries to pull that crap I’ll bug Kirupa till he has no choice but to ban them.

Hey upuaut8,
I agree with your post completely. The problem is that his IP changes constantly…banning him doesn’t seem to work to well. I could ban his username, but that won’t stop him from appearing in a different name.


kirupa… in the world of Urban Terror where i am widely known as is my clan iCu, our servers are also well known… by turds and good peeps… so to ban a 56k’er… ban a range… if his ip is, ban 24.56.78 … it will automatically ban that whole range. if we lost a few others because of it… =[ nothign we can do. thats how we handle it on the servers. if that isnt possible… i would seriously write ezboard a few heartfelt letters… because thats plain stupid.

get em boys hes ruinin everything change his ip adress or maybe call the president and have him go direclty to rhyles house. maybe i can get the fbi cia and atl invovled. oh wait yeah maybe if u ban every ip adress i nthe world or just every username , then maybe he wont be able to post. somehintg to think about.

If, we decide to ban… all we have to do is stick together. There is flood control “on” So all we have to do is not reply to him at all, and delete any post of his we find. Once no one speaks to him anymore, he will bore quickly and leave.

Of course we all have to be good and not reply… otherwize it doesn’t work.

As I said… I’m not at that point yet… but I’m being pushed there.

Just deleted some more posts by him.

Thanks upuaut8. Delete any posts made by him, relevant or irrelevant. I could care less. I’m taking MeHoo’s advice and banning the ip ranges he is posting in!

i know how to deal with 12 year old immature weenies, basically. on a brighter note… kirupa and the gang… i got my wacom =] LOVE IT. its HUGE… a 15 inch board with 12x9 usable… its sweet. not a bad way to spend 500 bucks IMO. i got a free graphire one too with it. 100 dollar value. not bad.

now i gotta learn how to paint better… =]

SWEET… I’ve always wanted one of the big boys. I’m still saving up for that. Did you get more than one stylus with it?

nope… one for each board… i have used the airbrush one… its stupid. u still have to touch the board so a dif style doesnt mean much… it came with 4d mouse, which kinda drags… and the better of teh styluses. if you want supreme detail get this one. if not… get it smaller. i find it difficult to reach across the board to save a file =] but on the other hand… the detail is amazing.

What about tilt detection on the airbrush tool? I heard it was really good.

the stylus has tilt detection. =] photoshop’s airbrush tool… and a normal stylus… works fine for me. you dont tilt an airbrush anyways. my dad owns an airbrush company here and basically… almost 90 percent of GOOD airbrushes like micron’s etc use gravity feed cups… so the paint will spill out if u tip it. so a tilt on a airbrush isnt needed or used. =]

I’ve seen a commercial for an A4 AIPTEK Hyperpen 12000 U for $150. What do you think ? Cos it’s mucho mucho cheaper than a WACOM.


and a WACOM Graphire 2 Steel Blue (A5) for $100 ?

haven’t seen it yet. You’re right on with the cost… they have a 6/8 for 99.99. I’m assuming right now that that is 6/8 writing surface.

I’ll look around. Maybe wacom is not the best pen for the buck

i was looking for quality not quantity… quantity beign money. wacom is the best for quality reasons… others cant come close. i have used five different ones… even one of those 60 grand 5 foot ones for drafting from like ten years ago… my wacom is better. that one was a drafting table with wires =] it sucked. IMo go wacom. harmony computers is where i bought mine… www.harmonycomputers.com or something… but they are an official seller on wacoms site. they gave me a free graphire with my wacom. good deal… free shipping etc.

because even a wacom is more interesting than a troll.


I had posted earlier here… but I guess it didn’t go through.

My thoughts too. We, REAL artists want all the best tools to create the best artwork. You know, instead of lame as$ ski-free 4 frame flash animations. Just my two cents. Maybe if i rub them two cents together enuff they will heat up and i can burn ur eyes out. Hopefully then you aren’t a good enough typer to type anyways. People like you should have their hands chopped off and sewed to their a$s. That way you can’t sit to type, nor can you type. People would stare and laugh. Then you might realize what you do to others. But unfortunately I can’t do that… Maybe I should be a judge instead.

Latez upuaut. =]

i own a second hand $20 tablet. lol. i would love one of the big ones. altho i hear u dont need anythong more than a 6x9 and a decent stylus.