Folks/ Artists out there,
I know some of ya are using wacoms with Flash; as I’m getting one tomorrow, any tips & tricks to get me started?
Is it easy to use in Flash? How 'bout the 500 or so pressure levels, do they show when you draw a line?
Any comments appreciated…:wink:

Long live Flash…when is v6 gonna come out?

I love mine. It will be a little frustrating at first. Get used to it and you’ll not likely use a mouse again for anything.

play around with the presure sensitive brush head.

If the pen stops responding properly, it may be because your eraser has become twisted out of it’s grove. Twist it until it clicks, then set it aside to rest for a little bit. If that still doesn’t work call Wacom and get advice. (that’s from wacom’s own lips.) I’ve twisted mine out of it’s grove at least 20 times so far. So don’t nibble on the end of the pen with your teeth the way I do.

I suggest checking out Painter Clasic, which comes with the pen. It’s a great little program for doing more paint style pictures… as opposed to photoshops, photo editing tools.

Oh yeah… try out your lasso tool. It now is a whole new ball game with that one… more like using an exacto blade. Very accurate in all the programs

Thanks, I’ll be careful with the eraser, as most of my pens/ pencils are munched off …
Haven’t got it yet, it’s waiting in the store and i have no time to pic it up! sucks (sorry)

I have been using Wacom with flash for about 8 months now. I know tons of techinques. talk to me through MSN

I’ve used 3 years……
For artest & Designer ever Gooooood!
In Flash especially.

I never knew so many people on these boards use a writing tablet for their PCs. I know that Edwin uses because of his site, but I didn’t know that many others used one as well :slight_smile:


When I got mine it was 69.99, and included painter clasic. It worked with flash, using the presure sensitivity settings on the brush tool. There was no question in my mind. It was well worth every penny. I’m really not sure how anyone can get along with out one. I use it instead of a mouse in most cases.

its so great being able to navigate around sites using a wacom. you can have it on your lap. otherwise my hand strats hurting when im on my mouse.

and on a laptop! I aint even gonna go there… it’s amazing.

Hey, lots of posts since I last checked…!
I’m using it know, and I’m REALLY happy with it, great!!
Edwin, sorry, I didn’t reinstall MSN after upgrading to win2k, how can I get the tips n tricks?

hey guys… i want a wacom… any tips on which ones? where? and how much? just teh basic comparison ?'s

If you’re just doing flash… I recomend the 69.00 version… flash does not take advantage of some of the high end Waccom features like “tilt” recognition.

Now if you’re going to be doing air brush work and stuff, then a higher end model might be what you’re looking for.

mo info peeze =] i would want teh mother of all wacom boards… high res… neat tricks… etc… i got enuff moneys… so point me in da direction and BTW do they work with 3dsmax and games and stuff? that might be interresting… drag over the the other doods head and click… bang =] ALOT easier. anyoen tried with q3?

www.wacom.com chose whatwacom you want there. also they have a tips and tricks section :slight_smile:

i been there… what i meant was… should i spend 400 or 600 dollars ? i want the 9 ich one… the intuos2 9x 12 for $469… does it need to be that large or is a smaller one fine? and i need it for photoshop and pretty much everything… 3dsmax won’t work with it prolly but i can try. but i do do alot of drawing in photoshop. i am probably getting that or a new graphics card… mine works fine though… i want teh good one… but i run a screen res of 1600 x 1200 and i need it to cover that comfortably. i noticed that they all had the same resolution on them so i didnt think it mattered… i dunno… let me know what size i should get.

If money is no option go for the 600 model. :slight_smile:

It does not work well for QuakeIII… just for the record. Works well on Diablo II though.

ahhh q3 is my life away from art =]

i want to be able to do this stuff here: www.clan-icu.com/images/mehoo/cloud.jpg
with the wacom… that particular drawing is 18 inches tall and was made with a micron .005 mm technical pen and took me around 12 months.

Tight!!! i really like it. Although Wacoms are powerful they wont replace drawing with paper and pencil. Although i have incredible control over the Stylus i still find it difficult( if not imposible) to recreate some of the lines i can easily produce on paper.

well then screw that… i need exact preciseness or no dice. whats the point when i own a scanner and an hour or so scannign and editing i can create it better? because i think we all agree quality not speed is most important

yeah I agree… if you’re looking for something that tight you would have to have a serious waccom tablet. 600 dollar range… and even then, I’d take one for a test drive before I bought it… just to be sure it could do what you were looking to do.

The higher res tablets though, WILL produced that kind of accuracy from what I’ve seen.

So what’s you’re handle in QIII and what servers do you play on?