I have a genius tablet and nobody even mentioned it never in my life! Only Wacom,wacom,wacom…is it any better or what?

lol the fact that noone mentioned it should have told you something… and visa versa… very rarely is the popularity of a product based SOLELY on advertisement. meaning, if wacom’s advertising on Corel’s pages and they give corel’s software it should mean more people will hear of them… but also if your tablet was super duper great and good priced… it wouldn’t matter how popular wacom is… the better product gets mroe recognized almost every time.

This is true. In fact I heard about wacom because every Flash book I have read, the author says something like

“…you really should have a wacom…no I don’t work for the company, or own stock in them, I just love the product.”

So I bought one.

i noticed that people are using tablets so i bought one (Genius), but then i am hearing…Wacom,Wacom,Wacom! Arrrgh!

I guess they’re all the same eventually…