Wacom technique?

hey guys,

in keeping with the recent onslaught of wacom threads, i thought i’d join the bandwagon…
but seriously, does anyone have any tips for :

  • how to arrange the tablet and keyboard on your desk.
  • good settings to use for digital painting (in photoshop) - currently i’ve been trying a really small brush with size jitter to pressure, so it’s a bit like a pencil, but it’s still not getting me the nice kinds of strokes i want (i would like it to look like a pencil)… i tried using opacity instead, wasn’t really much better… what are people’s best brush settings?

in regards to where it goes on your desk, i’ve found that if i have the tablet on the right and keyboard next to it (on left) my arms have to stretch out a bit, and it’s probably not good for my posture to be twisting one way or the other to use the tablet… and if i put it on my lap, then firstly i’m a long way from the screen, and the keyboard is harder to reach…

anyone got a good way of managing the keyboard AND tablet (mine is 6x8).