Wallop invite request

If you want an invite, please add your name to the end of the thread, and make sure to edit your post once someone sends you an invite :slight_smile:

Invites are added once you start uploading pics etc…


Hey can I have a wallop invite?? Please??

[email protected]


Invited i’m constatly adding music so check it out once and a while if you like Alternative Rock/DMB/misc.

never got my invite. could ye resend it?
hybrid101dx at yahoo dot com

Anogar I almost have 1k - wanna send to me?

me [at] zackbundy [dot] com [Thank you!]

Thanks dude! :stuck_out_tongue:

hi i am in search of wallop invition any one has it pls send it to [email protected]

You seriously signed up here just for an invite to a website that basically sucks?

^ Yeah, I haven’t even opened mine in a week or more…