WAP Sites

I got a new cellphone lately, the Sony Ericsson T610. It has internet built in and can goto WAP websites, does anyone know of a directory or good WAP sites?

Congrats on the new phone:

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

ohh yeah! go ericsson! i have a t310 :slight_smile:

ericsson all the way for me too. started off with a ericsson t68 (the grey one with rubber on the back, just before the sony merge), then got a sony ericsson t68 (with the blue top). that got broke so i got a t300, but got rid of that due to lack of bluetooth. Then got a t610, gave that to my girl and got a z600. anyway, next its going to be the k700i or the daddy if i can afford - the mighty p900.

peace out


i think you should get the k700i

I did infact google it first. There’s some directories out there, but they’re focused on the same thing: horoscope, news, sports, entertainment…etc. Anything unique?

O yeah, I ran with the phone a week ago in the rain, the phone dropped on the ground, I kicked it, slid into a puddle and was fully submerged for about a second before I picked it up and cried. Still works though. Realllly scratched up, but fully operational. :thumb:

I figured you did, that’s why I stuck tongue at you.

And I know what it’s like to kick your phone. After 18 years of playing soccer I have a natural reaction to try and catch things with my feet. I dropped my phone once and tried to catch it like a soccer ball with my foot and ended up kicking it clear across the room. I busted a little piece off…

Is there a website (already tried Google) that shows a map of an area? Although I don’t have GPS, it’d be awesome if maps are avaliable.

although im not sure it works on WAP…

ive got a WAP site:

www.whereis.com: Your client is not allowed to access the requested object. Poop.
Ya3 site doesn’t work either. :-/

still somebody use WAP?, i thought it was a bit obsolete. (and expensive!)

I pay extra $4.99 a month, most cellphones that does have internet use WAP.