Watch out

today it’s the 06/06/06 remove the 0 on the date and then u get 666…so be carefull…:skull::bad::evil2::evil2::evil2:

I just noticed the 666 and made a comment about it while dating a fax. It’s odd but things are moving rather well today compared to other days… I’ll be really skeptical if something happens around 6:06 PM. Or maybe, I just need to get some sleep. z.z

well something is definitely wrong, I haven’t had a bowel movement yet!!! :*(

I’ve had several…

just FYI…

[ot]I’ve noticed there is an increasing amount of mod posts about their bowel movements [/ot]

We decided as a group that we’d be more open with the community about our bowels.

I’ve had 9 BM’s today.

Would having 9 mean you need to see a doctor? I sometimes have 2 and wonder if somethings wrong with me. :diss:

Yeah maybe. Either that or I have bad form.

Worst thing that has happened to me today is reading this thread:gm:

And getting my car washed BEFORE finding out it is supposed to rain

Anyone got hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia?

:huh: :huh:

Not sure what that one is? But I have these,

Selachophobia and Bigfootophobia

off topic:

“[SIZE=“2”][SIZE=“1”]Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know when Chuck Norris is going to kill you.[/SIZE][/SIZE]”

this sounds like that movie quote from forest gump but a little modified…