Water with Flash 5/Actionscript

Hi, I was wondering if you guys could help me with animating water. Basically, I have a sceneric picture with a sea of water. Is there any way that I can make the water seem like its real? (moving and stuff)… thanks =d

Yes, an easy way is:
keep it as a bitmap,
download the ‘lake’ applet from somewhere
use it on your picture
and it will look like real Water!! No Flash needed…

If you care to have a look, here it is:

Have fun

Hey bcheng,
Java is useful for making this effect. You can get numerous more effects from www.anfyjava.com . The only problem with the unregistered version is that you will see a window pop-up when clicked.

Hey thanks for your help guys! I was more looking into linking the bitmap picture into the interface of the webpage. So while Javascript is nice if I just wanted an image with water flowing, I think some sort of flash is needed if I wanted the image to be the background to the flash web-interface that’s being designed… I could be completely wrong or not thinking about this clearly hehe =P. But if Javascript is the easiest way even in that case… perhaps there can be a way to alter the code so that it works as an independent image… hmm =P… any suggestions?

I’ve toyed with this idea. Basicaly, rewriting the applet in a/s to do both the fire and water effects.
The conceptual idea I had was a reflecting pool with sundial, and acouterments. (frogs, lilly pads, reeds, birds, ect.) and I wanted a water ripple effect that I was seeing all over the place in applet form.

It’s not really possible right now. The mathmatics involved in the process are too complex for flash to interpret quickly. There are similar effects, but they are based off of a vector design, and not really the same.
There in lies the problem, and something which we flashers will always stress to the newbies… Flash is not rastor image capable. It can move them around, shrink and grow them, make them fade, but it is taxing to the processor, and most viewers don’t have the nice Tornado 32 meg vid cards. (My mother, to this day, cannot view anything I do online with flash. Strictly for hardware reasons.)

So, my answer to you is be industrius and figure out a vector based effect that creates water ripples.

There are a couple which can be found at flashkit, in their tutorials… I believe I did a search based upon the words, “water”, and “ripple”. Neither effect was what I was looking for, or could substitute, but their good to try out anyway.

I wish you luck… if you stumble upon anything that you can’t figure out, pass it my way and I’ll sort through it with you.