Water efx

hi guys,

i got a question,
i saw an effect on a site (this one: www.in-visible.lu/
(logo on top left corner) that is really fantastic…

& i really wanted to know to make also an effect like this, (kind of a water effect when go with the cursor over it)

perhaps a very gentle soul could help me out and tell me!!! please
it looks really great, well i don’t really know either with which software it had could been done, but i suppose Flash5

so i hope to hear from u


Someone asked that same question a while ago, and it turned out to be a Java applet. It has to be doable in Flash too, but it’d be pretty hard I guess.

pom 0]

it would be hard and it would eat all but the biggest Processors…it wouldn’t really be worth the time and effort

Indeed! Maybe once Flash ZY (aka Flash 25) is out…
But the good news is: the applet is free for non commercial use, just links back to the devellopers site…

Ultimately it would be really nice to be able to do this in Flash. Think about it… we could place a moving picture under the water ripple, imitating a reflection of something above the water… <<shudder>>

That would be great. But there is a difference… Flash’s math is streaming, and an applet is compiled.

I’ll bet that you could do this in c++

but no… it wont work in Flash.

i think…wait…yeah, I have an idea. Do you have Flash Math Creativity? that scripter from Chile had a flag effect…I mean, if you wanted to do a reflection sort of thing, you could make the flag slide horizontally and flip it to reflect the thing on the surface…bah I’m not explaining myself very well…give me a couple of days to straighten my room and my life around and I might be able to come up with something…

LOL Jeff :slight_smile: I had to turn my laptop upside down to get a look at ya :
Here’s the same ripple javaboutique.internet.com…index.html

yeah I took that picture when I was at a party w/ my friends. I was drunk at the time and I thought the camera was the right way.

Water efex in Flash is possible, and it would be really easy. For more info visit:
FF10 page of squaresoft.com

View FF10 intro, it contained REAL WATER EFECT

It’s not the same sir. I appreciate you finding that… but we’ve seen it already. It’s a far cry short of the applette “ripple”.

still good, and definitely something people should try if they are doing water effects in Flash… but it’s not the same.