A cuestion for the FX expert!

some vary can do a wather fx like this:…www.abz.co.uk\r\rrollOver the image!.. an see!..is an excelent fx\rbut is a javaScrip!.. i hope ther is a way to do\rin flash!.. \r\rsalut!\r

HAVE>>>>>TREE!..WWWW!..sorry!..here is!\r\rwww.abz.co.uk\r\r:smokin:

That’s amazing… No idea on how to make that though. Sorry.\r\rpom 0]


I thikn i could do somethign like that.\rBut it wouldnt be the same, you’d have to make a movie file that made the little ring go outword and fade.\rThen lock that movie to the center of the mouse as a drag function.\rBut dont know how you make several of them so that when yo move it does it somewhere else. YOu’d have to do some mad scripting for that. \rKirupa could do it.

Yeah ! Kirupa, do it !! :smiley: \rActually, it would be a little bit more difficult, since the background is distorted…\rpom 0]

if…Kirupa can do this!!.. i wooul be the site of the week nex week!..:smokin:

I could probaldly make that, it would be hard, but it could be done.\r\rTitrationX

Hi all,\rThat effect is quite difficult to create in Flash, and I am assuming it would take a lot of scripting to do that. There is another major problem in re-creating that effect in Flash; Flash is really horrible at animating a bunch of items simultaneously. The Flash language is simply not advanced enough as the more complex languages such as Java to create such effects. Flash requires the use of a plug-in and a browser’s own capabilities to display the effects - both of which require a considerable amount of system resources.\r\rThat effect is quite popular and can be found in a set of free tools (with an annoying pop-up window) called anfyjava: www.anfyjava.com That site features some of the best freeware java applets ever made, and I am sure almost all of you have encountered one of these effects during some time in your web browsing experience :slight_smile:

I’ve tried forever to do something like that with masking and everything…i couldn’t get it to work and I tried everything imaginable. I admit i’m new, but still I tried everything that could possibly think of…\r\rdid that effect make anyone else’s jaw drop?

Hey Jubba,\r\rOn your analog clock tut, how did U make the hands? They look great.\r\rTitrationX

yeah i did. thanks.

That’s an except from my last theater play, and it’s called ‘complete misunderstanding’ :\r\rFlasher : -Hey Jubba, HOW did you do those hands in your tutorial.\rJubba : -Yes, I did.\rFlasher : -And what do you think about Flash in general ?\rJubba : -Around 8 o’clock, probably.\rFlasher : -Thanx, Jubba…\r\rI’m still working on it, of course.\rpom 0]

lol i know i’m retarded…lol. I made an oops. I didn’t read it the right way, i’m sorry Pom, i’m not perfect like you frenchmen over there :lol: All i did to make those hands was make a square and then use the Polygon Lasso Tool to cut out diagonals from it. Its very basic. I wasn’t really worried about the design when i first did it, i was really concerned about the actionscripting. Thank you for noticing. Yay! people are doing my tutorial! or at least looking at it! :slight_smile: \r\rps- Pom…STHU!\r\rPom, I was just reading that again. You kill me. i’m still laughing about that, and it wasn’t even that funny…crazy frenchmen…

i’ve seen this done elsewhere. the used an image and cut it up into pieces then used actionscript to make the water effect.

I can’t view that page… but I’ve a feeling I know what you’re all talking about.\r\rI can’t think of the link off the top of my head, but the wobble, effect from “New Masters of Flash” would probebly cut it. That requires director skills as well I hear, though who know’s with MX maybe it can be done.\r\rSomeone had posted something in the Flash 5.0 forum a few months back which did an excellent job of simulating water. It was still not like an Applete, but it was still quite excellent

Eyez did a good job with a water effect, but his wasn’t following the mouse. I’m taking a couple courses in Java over the summer, hopefully then maybe i’ll be able to understand how the hell to do that. If you go to the site that Kirupa posted, you can download a program that allows you to put that effect over your own pics, and the publish them into a webpage or whatever.

I have that applet on my company web page . Don’t remember where I got it. But it was one of the nicer applets I could find at the time for that effect. \rYou can see it here www.ptwood.com

Yeah… I saw it at Anfy’s already… Don’t think it’s possible in Flash tough…

yeah that water effect can be made in anfy i have made it b4 but they only problem is anfy if u download the socalled “freeware” it is about as free as buying a slut off amazon.com once youve spent like an hour making it and uploading it to ur site entering all the code it decides to tell u that u must register the “freeware” to view this file to if u cant find a way then tell me coz its got great effects on there