Ways to choose the ideal hosting?

Hello Guys,

I’m on my way in choosing the ideal web hosting for my client. Their target audience will be in Asia (Malaysia & Singapore) mainly.

The req is simple, over 100mb diskspace is good, speed is the most important factor. And we’ll be expecting averagely 100 visitors per-day.

So when the target audience is in Asia, does it mean if I get a hosting company from Asia, It’ll be better? in terms of speed etc.

How do you check for a hosting company server speed?

I’ve been to
But few of my friend is saying it ain’t accurate.

the other thing is i went to the command prompt and type ping www.whatever.com and check the average ms. I don’t think its accurate.

I ping a hosting company from malaysia and i got 87ms , then i ping a crappy hosting company also from malaysia and i got 37 ms.

After few hours i try again, the ms went totally different again. And i’m confused :confused:

I hope you guys can guide me on choosing the ideal hosting =D