Choosing a Hosting Company>

I’ve deceided to go for the pay for your hosting instead of all that other crap avaliable, but i don’t know which company to choose, since i live in southeast europe id like to find a nice, fast, and reliable hosting company,and that speaks english :))

ive looked into and cause i can’t understand any of the other hosting companies in austria, germany, france, etc

any of you europeans have a company you can recommend?

I don’t know any good european hosts since I don’t speak the language. But if you don’t mind the company being american based, heres a list.

Mediumcube -
Flashlevel -
2advanced -
Unflux - (headed by fellow member Unflux of course)
Xerohosting -
Media Temple -

Have a look at Unflux’s service. :wink:

well would there be any sort of delay in having my site hosted overseas?

Also, i know this not the original question, but i’ve seen alot of these reseller account sign-ups on magazines and all? can anyone tell me what they are and what does one need to have hardware & software if needed, and how to go about it, also is it a worth while idea???