Web Design Company - name request

Hi! I have a question/request for anyone who may be able to help… :beer:

My organization will be sending out RFP’s soon to various web design/multimedia companies to redo/create a major website. Does anyone know of some good companies to contact?

The website in question will need to be very high-end looking with Flash, videos and other modern site features. Not to mention database driven content and custom coded pages for forms, calculation tables, etc.

The website will be sports related - dealing with injury, performance enhancement, research and many other health related features for the public, sports stars and athletes from grade school to high school to college to professional to olypmic.

The “facility” the website is about has major contracts with athletes, sports teams, gov’t, etc. — so will have to convey online how high-end the "facility’ is.

I basically am tasked with finding companies that can do everything from the graphic design, to the backend code, to the videos - all the multimedia elements… since I cannot do all of what they want myself.

I thought, where better to ask than Kirupa.com! Any help will be appreciated… THANKS!

*Oh, I have about a week to collect companies contact info… so this thread is not ongoing and will expire soon. :stuck_out_tongue: