Web design quicky help please

Hey guys,

just a quick question…when you insert an image as a background, how do you do it in order for it to be suitable for both screen resolutions 800 by 600 ando 1024 by 700…?

I was told that when your are designing a site you have to work on 800 by 600 screen…is that true ?

Help please

No. It used to be true not so long ago, but nowadays, most comps come with a 17’’ screen, not a 15’’ anymore (except for mine, but it’s set to 1024x768).
IF you want your site to be viewed in the best conditions by ALL users, you should test it at 8x6, but those who still use that resolution are either blind or don’t know how to change their settings! You may also use a redirect based on the screen resolution to corresponding pages for each, pb is you’d have to make 2 sites.
Many other details to consider…don’t bother, Xcept if it’s pro work. And then the client should tell you …

Hey - my browser is set to about 800x600. My screen rez is 1280x1024 and I don’t like to surf with my browser maximized so I can easily jump around my applications. Most sites are pretty good at catering to my surfing style. The ones that don’t tend to be newbish and skinny on the content. It’s possible to cater to a variety of screen resolutions, that’s where your creativity as a web designer should kick in (know your constraints, as Charles Eames use to say). Know your limitations and find a way around them. In any case, no matter what you do, don’t use one of those auto-maximize widget-ma-thingies.

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yup… everything is a balance. Trial and error is your best teacher… (just be sure to trial before you go live. :slight_smile: )

Ok, ok,ok…so if I understand correctly, there is not a way to build a site so it will look good in both reolutions, specially if put a picture in the background, right ???

hey eyezberg what’s the best site that you’ve built ??
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so if I put an image as a background (working on dreamweaver or frontpage) there is a way to stretch it to the full screen, so when the viewer opens it on either screen resolution (800 by 600 or 1024 by 720) it will look fine?

I was told that when designing a site you must do it on an 800 by 600 resolution…but when I open it on higher res the background image repeats it self ??

Please, Help I’ve been fighting for days now, I’m sure there must be a simple solution.

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If the backbround image is smaller than the browser size, it will tile, correct. There are workarounds, like inserting it in a table as cell-bg, anyway if you’d stretch a bitmap, it will pixalate! That’s the good thing about Flash/ vectors: they skale and remain sharp! So (as this is a Flash forum…) use Flash and insert it at 100%, so it will adapt to any screen resolution. (some tricky details i left out…)

You can use a cascading stylesheet to fix the background and disable it from repeating. You can even make it repeat only in one direction. I am doing just that on my site. There are plenty of ways to work around it. I can’t really say that I have a “best site.” Hopefully I haven’t reached my best yet.

what do you mean by cascade, with which software

CSS, or “Cascading Style Sheets” are a protocol of DHTML, which is free to use as long as you can find out how to program it.

If you’re using something like Dreamweaver to make your pages, it will give you options for creating your own custom CSS.

Simply enter the following code between the <HEAD></HEAD> tags:

<style type=“text/css”>
    body {
        background-image: url(backgroud.gif);
        background-repeat: no-repeat;

Just change “background.gif” with your image location.

cool, I’ll try it when I get home, in about 9 more hours…what a drag…thanx
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thanx guys…I’ll be sure to show you my site when done



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You can use this javascript to redirect…just put this on your index.

You can also use this with switching between 2 image files by using the document.write("<img src=‘image1’>…")

or use the same image file that is a “filler” and resize that to fit the size of the screen.

<SCRIPT language=“JavaScript”>
if ((screen.width>=1024) && (screen.height>=768))

I did it and it wasn’t that time consuming.


script begin - javascript
if ((screen.width>=1024) && (screen.height>=768))
script end

Script did not show up using the javascript tags I copied, so if this doesn’t show up email me at [email protected] if you would like the script

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