Web site character

i was going to have a character do and interact with my navagation to add more feeling to it. whats everyone think of this guy here? any comments or suggestions would be most appreciated.

I love it! :stuck_out_tongue:

nothing says cute and cuddly like a little red X… :P:P:P

… in a box…

try again

uhh… kinda scary…

how 'bout a talking cartoon apple?

i want it to be a different site, anyone can use a cartoon apple and have it dancing around and singing

Yeah ok… but won’t your character be hard to animate and all?

yeah, he’ll be kinda hard to do, but i think worth it if i pull it off.

anything you can see wrong with porportions or things like that?

No i think it looks pretty sweet :slight_smile:

thanks :slight_smile:

hopefully i should have alot more done soon.

i just dont see it…

ok it just loaded

i like it very much. i agree w/eilose though, its kinda spooky

I like the idea, think it’s cool.

May I suggest a little Professor Hojo from FF7? :slight_smile:

Although the guy at the top is quite natty as well, :slight_smile: