Calling all Cartoonests!

well i am starting a new site and had this idea of making an entire city as the site. My inspiration came from this: I thought that was a good idea for the design aspect for the site, very different of what is out there. Right now I am trying to create “human-like” character in this style. I have looked at and, both which are the style I am kinda looking for. Now, I ask of you to either:

  1. develop a character in this style
  2. give me a link or a picture of somesort in this style so I can get some ideas

I am an artist myself but have absolutly no experience or knowledge in japanese cartoons!

Alright thanks people

-¡Deano! :z:

do you mean that throughout the site you navigate through the city? or you see the city from the main page? uses that kind of interface, but im not sure if its exactly what you were thinking or not.

that is not what i am asking for though, i want ideas for characters like hello kitty but human

A big head and a stumpy body? Does not seem to hard. My question is what kind of personality are you looking for. Mischeivious kids, defiant pre-teens old fashioned grown ups? I do some cartooning and character creation so I may have some laying around on disk.

Chibis, basically. :slight_smile:

I might have some tucked away on my hard drive that could be modified… I’ll have a look round.

So that is what it is called “chibis.” Thanks for the term kit

These are the character I am trying to draw now:

  1. A break dancing robot
  2. An artsy shaved head dude with the black rimmed glasses…kinda looks gay
  3. A mob boss

I want to keep it really simple :wink:

THANKS a ton!!!


So, basically you are asking us to do the drawings for you? Just doodle on some paper, I don’t see how inspiration can get any better than that, especially since you already have a basis for your ideas.

No, I just have never drawn any kind of “anime” I just wanted some visual ideas to get me started. Let me re-phrase me previous post: give me chibis drawing to look at, not copy or to use.