Webcam across different applications?


my friend often uses her webcam for an application such as yahoo or MSN, she can only USE one application at a time. ie you can’t view her on yahoo and MSN at the same time.

She likes to talk to me in MSN net meeting which keeps it private and streams fast, but this way her other friends can’t see her on MSN or yahoo.
there are other reasons and complications I don’t want to go into - anyway my question is this :

is there a separate program anybody knows of which may allow her to hook up her webcam to one application such as yahoo/msn and this “other” program so two different programs will display what is on the same ONE webcam, so 2 different people can see what is going on accross 2 dif applications?

I heard on windows XP you can see whats going on on someone elses desktop, so the program I am after may be something similar, maybe something which can show her desktop and relay the pictures to someone else through a program. (when you have a webcam on you have a picture of what others see).

I hope you understand kind of what I mean, thanks for any info on this.

Have her use Webcam32 to upload the webcam to a html page , so anyone who knows the url can see her with a simple browser window…

cool do you know how well it streams? I want the webcam images to be smooth a bit like a video - I will be on a 600K connection…

Will depend on the size of the pic and your settings, but it’s cool!!
You can even put that into flash (MX) as it can dynamically load jpg!!
(tutorial on Flashkit)