yeah. pretty much

you just had your hand to your mouth! hehe. i am always watching! moms said i can get me one…hmm! and you are weird! why is there a pink thing of a guy sleeping on there?

the pink thingy isnt supposed to be pink but the thing sucks at takin off edges of pics… the pink is the transparent color of the gif

that guy is what I’m gonna use when I’m sleepin… I Just need to make one without crappy edges

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** **
lmao… you’re scaring me 28 :stuck_out_tongue:

would’ve been cool if you had flashcomm support on your server… you could’ve live-streamed the video like that thing i showed you that day :wink:

i want flash comm developers! but my host is iffy on weather he htinks MM will be ok with it.

ok… um… josh… um.

lol! What a pic!

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**ok… um… josh… um. **

sp…sp…spp…spit it out juuunior

ahmed, I want that too… oh yes I do

Um… 28? Whatever medication you’ve been taking, I think it’s time to up the dosage. :stuck_out_tongue:

What on Earth were you doing in that picture No, on second thoughts I can see what you were doing… What were you <i>thinking</i> is more the question… :slight_smile:

[SIZE=1]Don’t hit me :P[/SIZE]

I was being a moron=)
and I got attention just like I wanted:beam:

I’m sure there’s easier ways of getting attention with a webcam than dicking around looking like someone out of ‘Fame’. :slight_smile:

Thought probably not as amusing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, there’s easier ways… but I got what I wanted.

Don’t disown me:(

I don’t think we’ll disown you. Just snigger quietly for a while. :slight_smile: Besides, my pic on the Mods page is worse, so I’m going to stop having a go now. :stuck_out_tongue:

::goes to mods page::

lol, your picture actually looks normal… sheesh

Gothic more like. :slight_smile:

lol nice pic dude… :stuck_out_tongue:

i want to get a webcam as well…

whats this flashcomm support people are talking about?

yeah gothic is right! lol. i think its cool thopugh. you should do one that looks like a mug shot!

Oh God, no… :slight_smile:

I’m very camera shy. :slight_smile:

takes a pic of kit and runs

HAHA you will never catch me.