Website Interface Design

Im trying to design an innovative website, like, very simple, yet easy to look at, several ideas i dont have the skills to implement, and stuff.

Can someone help me out?

:huh: How, dude? You want us to design it? What’s it for? That’s a very vague post. In future don’t post things that aren’t an explicit question. (C’mon modship. J/k :crazy: ) Be more specific; don’t just ask for help with designing a site, start making something and then post it in S&C or D&D for comments.

That’s you told off.:scream: I’m not a bad guy.:ogre: It’s just your post tells me very little.

Sorry, that was my mistake.

I kinda need some help because it isnt just a website, its also for a complicated application, thats flash based. Since I know how to do the comunications (IE: CGI programming, and the actionscript to talk back to it, but havent really done anything in the actual “eyecandy” department, i kinda need some help.


I forgot to mention, its a really general purpose webmail type of thing, it holds notes, appointments, emails, etc., like a miniature OS, becauseits riding on top of windows.

So, i was kinda trying to go for a clean style, but i dont know how.

So basically you need an graphics/design guy to help you create a virtual personal organisor interface. Am I right?

I still don’t know what your looking for. If you check out the job section, we have many many members looking for portolio work, and others that provide services in return of payments.

Post some examples of sites you like. There are a wide variety of ‘eye candy’ type styles out there. You are still being very vague, maybe because you yourself don’t know what you want? Check out the Kool Sites forum, or the Showcase and Critiques forum, or even Site of the Week. See what people are doing, decide what you like, then come back and ask for some help on some specific features.

Otherwise you’re just asking us to guess what you want and that won’t really get you far.



Y’know, its just that i dont really want to rip off anyone elses work…
That, and I also wanna actually learn how you guys think of all this cool stuff.

All WHAT cool stuff? :slight_smile: you still aren’t giving any examples. No one is going to just give you anything. You don’t have to copy something exactly to be inspired by it. Mix and match stuff you see. Most effects you see out there have been done before. Find a general idea and tweak it to make it yours. Otherwise, why bother having a portfolio? What exactly are you showing off?

If you really want something done for you then post in the jobs section - plenty of folk there looking to fill their own portfolios with work for others.


d’oh! I mean in a general sense, not any specific thing. But an interesting example is, its cool because it has very computer-y styles, and is coded so everything is within 1 swf. When i say cool stuff, i mean the amazing stuff you guys do, like weird actionscript, and interesting visuals.

Basically, I just want someone to help me with this:
Since it really is like a miniature OS, id like someone to help me through stuff like figuring out cool transitions, or a nice “look n’ feel”. I just dont know how, because i havent really done it before.

But on a side note, im trying this, look at it: