Weekend off... :)

— Hey!

I’m taking the weekend off, to stick to my GF… with the foks out and all… :love: So I though; “What could we do?”… It’s raining outside, probally all weekend… So I wanted to rent a phew movies. So… Wich movies would you recomdate me?

— Tnx! T-O

What do ya’ll dig?


Or even Lost in Translation.:hugegrin:

comedy… horor… action…romantic…

Whahaha :stuck_out_tongue: That movie… Not really great But funny :rabbit:

Whahaha :stuck_out_tongue: That movie… Not really great But funny :rabbit:

Princess Bride. Period.

pretty broad range of movies, uhh i think since ur with ur gf and not ur buddies, u should take a romantic-comedy. chicks reely dig those movies, and besides, if u get lucky, u wont have to watch it…u’ll be too busy kissing!

Bond movies are always welcomed.

You may also like Mystic River and 21 Grams. If you haven’t seen Donnie Darko, that is another interesting movie that messes with your mind.

XPeriment_22: Your right!!! I know… But… (What But???) yeah…!

Maxtr0sity: Wich bond movie?

kirupa: Checking out some trailers…

my favourites are…
donnie darko
the shawshank redemption
so I married an axe muderer
cowboy bebop (or any anime)

rent invader zim, that’s such a good show.

recent picks…
50 first dates
along came polly <- these were both pretty good, probably good for dates or whatever…
Paycheck was pretty good, um… starsky and hutch comes out tuesday :slight_smile:

Finding Nemo :slight_smile:
Rush hour 1+2… Or maybe that isnt what you want :stuck_out_tongue:

Along came Polly would indeed be a pretty good choice…

Disney Animated. anything disney is gold. especially the newer stuff, most of it is made to be funny for people other than just kids… and you’re only a year older than me, so unless you two have something against movies like that, that’s my recommendation. definately nothing that you HAVE to pay attention to…

Well, personally, the [color=black]Roger Moore[/color] ones are absolutely amazing. He’s a much better actor than [font=verdana,arial,helvetica][size=-1]Brosnan or any other Bond personator. If you wanna impress her, get [/size][/font]The Man With The Golden Gun. Classy.

Hehe…That’s cool it’s on the list… I’m going to the video store in 10 mins…

Thanks Guys