Movie rental suggetions

Has anybody seen a really good movie lately? Share your suggestions here.

Spun —check it out. its cracked out.

Irreversibe with Monica Belucci

Hot as hell. Be warned though: It’s very graphic. 18+.

Irreversibe-- whats it about? Comedy? Thriller? Romance??

Psychological Drama

Super Troopers! That’s, IMO, the best movie in the whole wide world. But it’s more for the “snail” type. :beam:

The Life of David Gale…

good flick…I figured itout quick but I have a tendency to do that with movies, everyone else I was watching it with had no ideas at all…even if you can figure it out…it is still really good

I want to see that movie wicked bad.

Its good

2 absolute classic movies - “Snatch” and “Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels”.

I may rent them again this weekend - they are worth every penny.