Weird looping problem

here’s the link

see how the movie just loops over and over again?? Well it’s not a missed stop action or anything, because it seems to work on computers with slower processors, but when you try to run it on a faster computer, it loops over and over again.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence with the comp speeds -n- such but i dunno what’s causing it… it’s very confusing =/

Anyone know what the problem could be??

Maybe you placed a goToAndPlay action somewhere before the stop action so it’s looping before it hits the stop action…

nah… the really weird thing is… is it works when you preview it in flash, but once you upload it, it keeps looping back to frame 3. (frame 1-2 have the preloader)

I haven’t seen anything in the publish settings that i have set, that would make it do that… im’ jus flat out confused on this one =/

can ya post the fla ???

it’s not actually my file…it’s a classmate of mine’s… it’ll prolly be too big, dunno if it’ll be small enough if i zip it up, but i’ll check it out tomorrow.

what it looks like to me is that the page in that frame keeps
reloading. I get that “click” sound IE makes when a new link is

trying to decide what to tell you to look at for that…hmm…

aight… i made a little bit of progress (or a revelation, call it whatever:sigh: )

It doesn’t loop on IE 5.0 but it loops on IE 6.0… anyone know why it’d do that??