Weirdest night ever

I just had the weirdest night ever.

I live in a Holiday Inn as temporary dormitories for my lame college. I’m playing video games in a friends room and at 1pm the fire alarm starts going off. We go out his door and there’s smoke everywhere. Woo! This is not a drill. We ended up getting stuck outside until about 4am, because his car was blocked by the fire engines. It was sweet. For those of you that don’t know, it was freezing cold yesterday and it snowed like 039240392043209 billion gallons. So basically we ended up doing nothing in his car until about 8am when we decided to just come and sneak into our rooms, though we’re still not supposed to be here. The other guests were apparently taken to a close by Mariott or something, but we went all out stupid and stayed in the freezing cold and pulled an all nighter. Weird night, I must now go pass out into a coma.