Weirdest thing ever

Okay, so a few months ago a friend of mine made sing up at, anyways, i met some girl online that lives in the same town is me, i’ve been talking to her for the past 2 or 3 weeks online, normally i don’t really talk to pepole i don’t know very often…anyways, she wanted to know where I lived, but she deosn’t really know the names of all the streets…she just lives here for school…so i was trying to explain to her, i was like yeah…i live three blocks south of sheetz…

She was like oh, i walked through that neighborhood last week, so i said, perhaps you walked past my house, she said maybe, but i something funny happend…She said, she and her friend were walking down this street with really tall hedges, she stepped through, and some crazy guy came out, and was like “what the F* are you doing in my bushes!!!”…i was like hey…that was me…that was the same night someone stole my bike…so i was pretty angry, and paranoid…

She thought i was lying…so i went outside and snapped some pics of our hedges…sure enough…they were the ones…odd eh?

how’s that for a first impression? atleast i didn’t scare her away for good…


That’s pretty weird.

lol, destiny…:sure:

lmao what are the chances?


Hehe, Thats some spooky stuff goin on there :slight_smile: What happened to your bike? have you found it yet?

haha, it is quite weird inded, as for my bike…i’ve given up hope on it…but thanks to my lovely friends…i have recieved enough parts to build a new bike…

Yo what if she was a dude.

Like rupal…aww sick.

hahaha, i might kill myself in that scenario.

Does she look good?

If its a dude please don’t say yes.

Can you post a pic of your hedges? Maybe it was me :h:


ROFL :lol: phat7

That is extremely weird mcneilst :puzzle:

That is great!

Let me know how things turn out. Maybe that can be my new opening line when approaching a girl… “What the F* are you doing in my bushes!!!”…

She could reply 2 things:

“Oh I was just looking for my lipstick. Here it is. Drop Lipstick - Bends Down


“Just looking for something to eat.”


That hreat :ha: :ha:

Luckily he didn’t say “What the f*ck am I doing in your bush?!”

ouch! sorry

[size=1]“Looking for something to eat.”[/size]


:lol: @ scriptFlipper

Atleast someone got it :stuck_out_tongue:

Psh I got it too ;P.