Welfare site do participate

dear flashers

this is a great site

it is made with pure flash

it may look something boring because of lack of animation activity

but fine the matter of greatness yourself

and do coment

also do participate in it


nice time



I don’t have a problem with the lack of animation, what I do have a problem with is “why did you make this site in flash”?

There isn’t any need for flash, IMO you should have done it in HTML.

But good job :slight_smile:

This seems to be a very important site about not only water conservation but the socio-political implications of it and I think the organisizers can make it impact if the site is clearly stated for all to see.
I agree with digital about it not having it to be based in flash, as it stands right now.

If you need hosting I would be willing to give you a sub domain namehere.genshiro.com

lot of mixing of fonts, stretched photos, poor graphics…i am afraid you dont get many points there. As Kirupa is a design centred forum i reckon your post is not really about design or flash but really to advertise your site? Dare i say it ? Spam…there i have said it.

That’s a flash site??? I didn’t even think of right clicking on it. Why did you make this in flash. This would be easily made in html. In fact it would probably be easier. Plus your stuff isn’t lined up right. If you make it in flash it should be alot easier to align things. I don’t know I’m getting frustrated because you made it in Flash and I’m tired.

Ya ive dont the same thing as you before i changed by entire html site to flash and it’s only more work to add on to… Listen to them. (note: the use of flash is the animation and advanced look… use it… lol)

And to add to the above comments about it being in flash. You’re losing a lot of search engine placement.

now member let me say something in this suffocating situation(lol) i thought of it that i had done something very great but your critism(constructive it is! i appreciate) asked me to add some lines in defence.

this website is fully customized. the organizers do not need any admin. they do not know about web development also.

secondly i have done it in a quick succession which i think i wouldn’t have had it if it were in HTML(CSS’s grindings)

thirdly i myself wanted no animation activity in it cause i wanted it to be simple and somewhat very very easy.

fourthly my next work is coming shortly and i will InshaAllah post that on the forum for all of you. and that site will be highly animated.

thanks i am breathing now(lol)

have a nice day


dear nugelobe,

i really appreciate your commitment about giving us your subdomain. I will consult with the authorities and then i will inform you. please do give me your email address so that i can contact you or you can come on this forum again to check what organizers say.



It did make it any quicker doing it in Flash. I could probably do the same thing in HTML/CSS/JavaScript in the about the same amount of time it took you to do it in Flash.

It would also be easier to update if it wasn’t Flash. You wouldn’t need to go Flash to update the text or anything. Plus taking the time to make text files for each page (if you did them with dynamic text in Flash) would be dreadfully time consuming.

oh criticism(albeit constructive)!! gonna die


wow, another world! makes me feel bad about poppin downstairs for a glass of water…good luck with the scheme

design wise…dont mix fonts. i LOVE the zoom in/out on the photos. so simple

If you can’t handel it don’t ask us to comment on it next time.:wink:

i LOVE the zoom in/out on the photos. so simple

thanks God the word “LOVE”(by Billystar) has been introduced in this thread, but the word “SPAM”(by SIXO) is got it way down to the stomach from my throat.

have a nice day


okz now let us see this

best viewed in 1024 resolution

have a nice time this time


the border on the photos section doesnt fit

the mask on the first text section is sized incorrectly

‘donars’ should be spelt ‘donors’


Unfortunatly I can scroll your text down until it isn’t visible anymore

Hehe… I still think this is better suited to HTML, as text-heavy sites such as this typically are. Personally I absolutely hate having to scroll down text when there is unused space underneath.

Also, unless you are scared to death of code, XHTML/CSS is very easy and certainly faster than doing the same in Flash. If you’re not sure how to do it, w3schools.com has some nice tutorials to teach you most of what you need.

I dont see how this is spam SIXO as this section of the forum is for showing your work and getting people’s opinions on it.

Anyway, you should have done it in HTML.