Well, everything is different

Except Kirupa’s logo. hahahaahaha
Anyways, I tried to log on to my LEGENDARY kirupa profile from 200x, and its all different. Is this the future? Is there anyone left here that I know?

Looks like your original account is linked to a Hotmail address…

Welcome back! :+1: :sweat_smile:


Good to see you!!

Yo… my hotmail account is dead. That would explain it

Mine is too… I think I lost my first 3-4 years of emails because Microsoft wanted to ditch Hotmail in the early 00s. If there’s a sane way to figure out how to restore your account; Kirupa/senocular/me/etc. can do some sort of account merge.

Sen!! Ok cool, I’m so glad that the future just didn’t completely wipe out the past forums. What have you been up to for the past 15 years. lol

What brought you back through the nostalgia of the official Flash Player demise or did you return to submit more stamps? :grin:

The glory years. :cry:

Welcome back.


jesus christ @prg9 you just know exactly how to rip the bandages off don’t you

I miss the KF looking the way it did in that screenshot, such formative years.


It doesn’t matter because its what led us all here. So thankful to see you @prg9, and @krilnon, the fact that I can type an @ symbol is doing some gooey things right now…

@kirupa @kirupa @kirupa

Oh man I just looked at the stamps… I’m getting nostalgic… from all those national geographic photos I ripped off

Woah! Welcome back after a long hiatus @fasterthanlight32 :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you know what e-mail address you originally used to sign-up? What e-mail address would you like to switch to? That will allow you to reset your account.

There’s a death of flash fasterthanlight joke I’m just not seeing but I know is there… :thinking:

Welcome back! :happy:

I still have mine from that time! Transitioned right into a live account (though still a @hotmail address). You got the short end of the stick there. I’m still rocking it like it’s 1996.


Same here, I still have two hotmail accounts.

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I too lost a bunch of e-mails from the hotmail era because I stopped using it and my account auto-deleted everything. I had a redirect set to send all new e-mail to my Gmail address, but that didn’t count as me being an active user.

Most of the early e-mails from this site’s early days were lost. All those ezboard notifications…:cry: