Wow, you guys are still here!

Glad to see you guys still here, skimmed through some topics and saw some familiar faces.

Hope everyone is well…

BTW, at some point I must have changed my name, but I used to go by “DDD” many moons ago.

DDD! What ya been up to??

Hey bro… I’m still hanging in there. Still in this web profession. How have you been?

Wow! DDD your log-in should totally work btw. Just request a new password. Your mod privileges still work as well haha.

Great to see you. I’m guessing you are no longer doing Flash-related work :stuck_out_tongue:

Lemme check… I tried DDD and no user was found. So I used my email address and this username was attached…

And ironically a project came up that may have me using Animate CC (lol, when did they change the name) and I instantly thought of you guys. But nah not much Flash these days. Glad to see you guys are alive and kicking.

The DDD username email is your first name Does that sound familiar?

oh crap… I forgot about that email addy. It no longer exists :(. Man I been around here for YEARS…lol

Hi :slight_smile:

YoooOOOOoooo… Millad

Are the custom smilies/emojis we made back in the day gone?

They are still available thanks to @krilnon, but the low-res nature of them makes them less appealing on our high-dpi screens.

:blush: :wink: :unibrow:

There’s also formatting problems with some of them :sen:

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Hey Kirupa

Could you change the email address associated with my old account? I no longer have access to that one.:mr_t:

Will do! In a few minutes, I will shift your current e-mail to the DDD account. You can then request an e-mail password reset. Your current Awesome_O account will probably no longer work.

Ack… I think I messed it up by changing the pass word using the Awesom_O account. Can you do it again? This time I will logout and change the password.

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Hey buddy! :hoser:

Try again and see if the reset works :slight_smile:

Nope, still resets me to this one. :sob:

Hey bro,

Ok - let me delete this account and ensure your DDD one is the only one with your correct e-mail address. We’ll get to the bottom of this, DDD :stuck_out_tongue: