What about this?

Hi dudes,

What about this one.

www.valid.com.pk Thanks

Very nice. :slight_smile: Good Work.

Nice colors, but the overall design is inconsistent. There are a lot of negative spaces and the layout shifts and changes from each section. For example the navbar jumps from the center to the top.

catalogue is spelt catalogue btw :wink:

*Originally posted by asphaltcowboy *
**catalogue is spelt catalogue btw :wink: **

i don’t get it:-\

in the contact section, im guessing what’s supposed to be the submit button after the form is blank.

asphaltcowboy is saying you spelled “catalogue” incorrectly.

you spelled it as “catalouge” instead of “catalogue” on the navigation bar

you also spelled “procucts” instead of “products”

i think your layout is fine…it looks very professional. i must point out that the flash on the “home” page is adding very little though. i would say, either scrap the flash and just go with a straight HTML site or do something more with it. you can get a little drop down menu for products using DHTML…check out http://www.dynamicdrive.com for some great scripts.


oh just saw something else

the title of most of your pages is “valid_next.gif” you’ll prolly want to change that.


hmmm…i would try and get your menu text a lil more readable…thats always important to me…it looked a little pixelated and blurry…just a thought.

another syntax bug:

under the “ABOUT US” page you have the following:

“As a member of the global village we view the world from the widest prospective”

prospective should read ’ perspective’.

In the same paragraph, you wrote:

“How we response our customers, influence their belief in our commitment to them.”

I can’t be absolutely sure of your intentions, but I ‘think’ that you meant to write something like this…

“How we respond to our customers influences their belief in our commitment to them.”

Regardles, good work.

Not bad, although it is correct what EG, teet and sketcher said. It full of spelling errors: Procucts, Catalouge, … That makes it’s professionality go way down. You might wanna consider using a frameset too so the top navbar shouldn’t keep reloading.

I had the funny feeling that it wasn’t done reloading yet when it was.

Hi dudes,

I really admire your comments and pointing out
my mistakes that I take positivly. Thanks again.

Best Regards
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