What did you get for Xmus


I didn’t get things that cost alot like some of you might but…

well i asked for floppy’s got 2 boxs…you can’t get enough of those. :sigh:
Ialso got an alarm clock and the best of all :smiley:
“Flash mx game design” book by Jobe Makar

So wat did you all get and marry xmus :?)

I dont know yet, but I hope I get the two towers extended version. It was really hard not to buy that myself all these long long months as it stared at me in the stores as I shopped. “buy me sen, BUY ME SEN!” it kept calling out to me. I CANT! I JUST CANT! …but I want to… my precious… WHAT TO DO??? ARGH

I got coal… :frowning: . Just kidding, I got a digital camera! Which is great because I really needed one. Anyways, I have 1:45 hours of chrissy left so Im gonna go enjoy it.



wow packard bell is still around?! uh i got an iPod and some cloths :thumb:

flat screen (2nd monitor)

I posted this earlier today around 3am its at the end of page 1


i got a $700 tool box filled with all types of toys!
Armoral gift pack.
Xplod Speakers (4X) $400
$15 gift card
Movie passes

i love christmas :love:

*Originally posted by trendax *
**wow packard bell is still around?! uh i got an iPod and some cloths :thumb: **

Yeah… my parents work at Oracle so they could get me a cheaper PC with PB.

and now I’ve got a 19-inch CRT monitor as well… fun :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

iPods rock :thumb:

I didn’t get any electric stuff yet ;( But I am still waiting for the present of my uncle :slight_smile:
My mum bought my a designer jacket for 200$ !?! Ah don’t wanna have a jacket like that, I don’t think it is any useful to have a jacket for so much money ;( She said she couldn’t return it, so well… And I got a lot of snowboard clothes for my trip to the mountains :slight_smile:

I got:

Some winter stuff, like gloves and hat
A pair of VickFirth 7A drumsticks for my drumset
A Pacific Double kickdrum pedal
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
The New Blink 182 cd << I like it :slight_smile:
Cologne (spelling?)
some laser lock thing
a Hoody
Long Sleeve shirt
socks/ boxers
Blue Streak /dvd

I might have forgot something, but owell! I still LOVE christmas!:love:

I got
a mouse (computer mouse - not animal)
some underpants
Alien Quadrillogy DVD

Heres what i got::

NFS underground (PC)
Espn Basketball (ps2)
Ultimate Jordan Set (dvd)
Jordan to the max (dvd)
some money.
and clothes.

thats about it :slight_smile:

:stuck_out_tongue: sen, I just went to Arby’s yesterday. Can’t get enough of their curly fries :drool:

Anyway, I got a lot of twenties ($$$), an electric toothbrush (i’ve always wanted one too), some clothes, etc.

I’m not through yet as I still have relatives to visit :wink:

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oh yes, I got a toothbrush too =) - wasnt electric though. Its tradition that everyone gets a toothbrush in their stocking :stuck_out_tongue:

[size=7][color=red]M[/color][color=green]e[/color][color=red]r[/color][color=green]r[/color][color=red]y[/color] [color=green]C[/color][color=red]h[/color][color=green]r[/color][color=red]i[/color][color=green]s[/color][color=red]m[/color][color=green]a[/color][color=red]s[/color][color=green]![/color][color=red]![/color][color=green]![/color][/size]
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I got 2 pairs of jeans, 2 shirts, and mini 6-hour hand warmers …

The only thing I’m keeping are the hand warmers.

Soooooo bummed about Christmas this year - so bummed.

Lot of money to save up for mac

and my dad made our ooolllldddd Bondi Blue iMac have a new motherboard (G4) and now it runs like a dream! (except the 4 gb hard drive :P)

OS X Panther for the iMac (to help me wait while I save up for the new mac)

and other stuff…

I got…



Jak and Daxter

Need For Speed Underground


256 Mb Mp3 stick

Animal tops

O’neill Boxers

lots of socks

Boss shirt

Dan Hechter Suit

new web cam

new dESC mIC


and a couple o toys

I got a set of headphones.

I hate this day!

it has always been full of disapointment, and this year hasn’t been any different.