What do i download to use PHP on my computer?

ask lycos for support because I’m pretty sure they support FTP, so you should be able to connect. Just send in an e-mail… they should get back to you…

can any of you tell me how to use php with IIS on my computer? my friend helped me install IIS on my comp but he didnt have tim to help me learn to use it he had to go… so i installed the php 4.3.2 installer on my comp and told it i had IIS 4 (or higher) installed on my comp… and my friend mentioned something about a wwwroot folder which i found… but im still not sure how to do this…

and another question… if i get this all working correctly… it should act the same as if i upload it to the internet right? it will send emails and send variables to places and whatnot right?

you can’t send e-mails from your computer. Other than that everything else should work pretty well.

so if i get one of those servers it will work with the email thingy too right?

okay — after doing a 16 hour stint looking for info on installing PHP on your own sever, i finally came across this – i am not sure if this will help you blah, but i thought i would post it any way


the only draw back is that the install program is in french – but the actual program is in english. it is super easy to install too

if you are looking for a bundled up php, mysql, apache one of the better ones out there is http://www.foxserv.net/portal.php . its pretty much pre confiugred, takes just two seconds to install and it makes a pretty good testing server. also its in english