Feedback anyone?

Yes! I just finished my portfolio. I love feedback, so just send me some words. Most of the flash-things I learned here on Kirupa, so a lot of cred to you all!


Bye bye…

Nice design full of colors ! nice animations ! I love it !
The preloader is cool to ! very nice !

one more thing I found out ! =

you know when the page loads “the Preloader” it have white background ! why not make the background the background you use when the main movie “mainmenu” loads up the bord thats hanging on the wall ! I dont know whats the name in English of this ! you put papers and important notes on yes use it on the preloader to make the preloader more pro like !
and get the quality down of the bord you “shall” use in the preloader to maybe 5% lol just get rid of the white background !

thats what i think of it !

Very interesting creative site. It’s nice to see someone thinking out of the box…
Good Job!:crazy:

Nice concept, loading takes a while though and I’m on a very fast cable connection too.

Some of the images appear pixelated and really low quality. Also work on your transitions, they’re a bit jumpy and doesn’t seem smooth at all.