What is a difference between........?

I want to know what is the real difference between Old school Punk, New school punk and Nazi Punk?:tb:

Old School Punk = For old people
New School Punk = For new people
Nazi Punk = For germans

:stuck_out_tongue: Just kidding… I have no idea

[whisper]Rap/Hip-Hop all the way[/whisper] :rap:

Old School Punk = Sex Pistols, Television, Buzzcocks, Sham 69
New School Punk = Green day, Blink182 and all that poo
Nazi Punk = cant name any names but I guess punk style music with racist lyrics. Dunno.

if it has more than 3 chords, it’s probably not old-school punk.

If it has more than 3 chords and more than two stanzas it’s probably not any kind of punk.