What is a good program to make an .mp3 Smaller?

What is a good program to make an .mp3 of 3,5 MB Smaller?


I dont know of any programs that encode/compress an mp3 down even smaller. You can do a few things, reduce the bit rate and stuff like that, however quality is sacraficed.

I believe you really cant shrink an MP3 down further, because itself is compressed, and you cant compress a file thats compressed (well you can but ultimatly the file size remains the same)… What’ i’d do is, if you want to use a song in a flash movie, try to cut a piece of it out, and loop that small piece. ( you might have to do some work to make it sound right) but that’ll save you some space. Rather it being 3.5mb you take a chunk of it thats like 100k or less etc…

Ive done it with the original Elvis’ Song “A little less conversation” but it took me a while to clean the audio so that it looped good and vocals removed and sounding ok. =)
It can be done! =)

Microsoft’s Windows Media Encoder is good if you want to reduce the bitrate of an MP3 file. Are you interested in that? You will lose quality by doing that though :frowning:

Kirupa :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for that, just tried and it worked i got it down from 4,5 to 1,5 and the quality is still alright… (not bad:-\ )

Thanks for all the replies.


what did you use to reduce it?
Windows Media Encoder or What :q:

I put the rate down fromit was 160 kbps (4,5 MB) and i put it down to 64kbps, mono (now it’s 1.5 mb) it will do for my Mp3 player…

And the program i used was iTunes this has an build in program to Encode an Mp3…

Thanx again for your fast reactions,


is the perfect software (FREE) to cut your mp3’s if you just want a piece out of it!
Hope that helps.