What is easiest way to disable forward and back browser buttons?

I don’t want to have to load a flash site in another browser window.

But I find myself and clients quickly clicking the back button to get out of different sections in the flash movie. But when they hit back they find themselves out of the entire site.

How can this be solved?

Named anchors don’t seem to help this problem.


A very simple way is to use a META refresh to fwd to your main HTML page. That way, whenever your client hits the back button, the hit the refresh page, and your Flash movie loads again, only quicker, because it is already cached.

This isn’t the only way, but I like it’s simplicity.


why does a content pause of 0 give no usable result?

Content=1 works fine, but I’d like to kill that one second if I could.


As far as I know, it needs the 1 sec to establish the page, so when you hit the back button from your flash page it will actually go to your referral page…