What is everyone's favorite book(s)?

Strange question - I know, but I was just browsing through the bestseller lists and noticed a wide diversity of books that are popular today. I found everything from fitness to golf to teaching elephants how to dance IBM style.

So what is everyone’s favorite book or reading material? Mine would have to be:

  1. Slander
  2. Only the Paranoid Survive
  3. Business @ The Speed of Thought
  4. IBM Redux
  5. Great Gatsby
  6. Silicon Boys
  7. Andy Grove’s Memoir
  8. Sherlock Holmes: Hound of the Baskervilles

Kirupa :rambo:

i like alot of stephen king books. i also like mystery.=)

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You liked Great Gatsby!?! Eeeewwwwwwwwwww… lol…


  1. To Kill a Mockingbird
  2. Life is a Dream (play)
  3. Doctor Faustus (play)
  4. A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius
  5. the Oedipus Trilogy
  6. Ruth Hall
  7. Our Nig

Its amazing that my college literature courses have pumped out 6 of my 7 favorite readings. I definately recommend reading # 2 and #3. #2 is a really quick read and is definately great. And #3 is just amazing…

in no particular order

  1. a fly went by(the one with the kid who saw a fly etc etc etc)
  2. timeline
  3. the thief and the dog
  4. The Satanic Verses
  6. the book with micke mouse where you had to press the buttons on the side to make the sounds
  7. the moors last sigh

TImeline by M. Criton?! or however you spell it? That book was sick… :slight_smile:

in no particular order

Lord of the Rings
1984 (by Orwell)
Fight Club (yes it was a book)

i can’t think of anymore for some reason

hehe yea. that timeline. it was great. i forgot to mention the lord of the rings trilogy. i have like a shrine devoted to it in my closet.:;):

grrr Big K you meany I was gunna post this thread :slight_smile:

Enders Game
Childhoods End
The Hunt for Red October
Animal Farm
Snow Crash
The Dragons of Eden
Tales of the South Pacific

[+ many many more :slight_smile: ]

not in any order

1.Pyramids - terry pratchet
2.The answer is never -jocko weyland
3.hitch hikers gude to the galaxy - can’t quite seem to remember his name
4.7 years of highly defective people - scott adams (this ones about Dilbert comics so i’m not sure if it really counts)
5.the farseer trilogy - robin hobb

the only book I couldn’t put down until I read the entire series was the Dune books by Frank Herbert.

I’ve enjoyed others, but that first book really caught my attention.


All the Tom Clancy Books
Lord of the Rings
Legend of Xanth Novels
Stephen King
Computer Books (surprisingly I like readin these… :slight_smile:

yea. mmmmmmmm enders game. that was good. i always intended to follow up on that and read the other but i never really got to it…

Yea, before I saw Rev’s post I was thinking +fav for Dune too.

I heard the sequals to Dune and Enders Game all suck, so I never bothered.

On the topic of Clancy- His first few books were good, but after the… 2nd one they started drowning in Clancy’s own trashy political views.

Also- All Arthur C. Clark books are excellent.

1: Lord of the Rings - J.J.R. Tolkien
2: Silmarillion - J.J.R. Tolkien
3: Heir to the empire/Dark force rising/The Last command (Star Wars trilogy) - Timothy Zahn
4: The call of Chutulhu - H.P. Lovecraft
5: Interview with the vampire - Anne Rice
6: Memnoch - Anne Rice
7: The Hobbit - J.J.R. Tolkien
8: Dune - FrankHerbert

I agree with liking all of Stephen Kings books also Robin Cooks books, especially Outbreak. Robin Cook writes the medical horrors.

Prey was a good book
it was by umm… micheal crichton or something…
yeah, thats like the only book ive read on my own in the past 3 years… yeah

omg guig0, me and you have pretty much same fav books…i loved annie rice books…i read most of her books…i like the ghost ones she writes as well


*Originally posted by Makaveli *
**omg guig0, me and you have pretty much same fav books…i loved annie rice books…i read most of her books…i like the ghost ones she writes as well **

that´s coz we´re both man of good taste :wink:

Well, this is rather difficult to answer since I love to read - I actually frighten my parents sometimes cos I read so much but I guess my favs are as follows:

  1. Dune (all of them - brilliant)
  2. The Interview with a Vampire series (particularly Lestat and Memnoch)
  3. The Timothy Zahn triology of Star Wars

I like mostly science fiction and fantasy.