What is going on with all of you?


I feel like I have hit a time warp and another year has just passed by! What are you all up to? What is new?

As for me, I am getting more familiarized with my new-ish job at Salesforce. I am still learning new things about being a parent. I am forgetting the lyrics to almost all music that isn’t nursery rhymes haha.



Are you in the new Salesforce tower that I’m staring at right now? :stuck_out_tongue:

As for me, nothing new. Still at Adobe, going on 13 years now. Not doing anything exciting - mostly localization and React transitioning work. But our group has been more open to ideas around innovation, so if I ever think of anything amazing, maybe it will happen!

Still living in Virginia. Earlier last year I bought some wooded property down the street (60 acres) so I’ve been messing with that making trails etc. in my spare time. Gets me out of the house and gives me some exercise :wink:


That’s really cool! Your story reminds me of the old Warcraft RTS games where you start with a lot of land and turn it into a formidable city :stuck_out_tongue:

I work out of the Seattle (Bellevue) office! It’s not quite as epic as the Salesforce tower in San Francisco haha.


Finishing up a still-life oil painting that’s taken way too long to complete! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Slowly changing a website I built for an artist from my Pug/SASS/jQuery into a Gatsby.js site. He is wanting to add more content soon and I just didn’t want to dissect all my old code! Components and React Hooks are so much easier :grinning: And waiting on spring weather!



Cool! Do you have a picture of it to share? :smile:


Sure. this is a cellphone image, not the best it could be, though here it is. I actually planned this about 15 years ago. I redesigned the composition and now after a few long months, still on the easel, and now it’s almost ready for a signature. :paintbrush:


60 acres! Living the dream over there. I thought you lived in San Francisco. I’ve been entertaining the idea of buying empty land in MA.

My wife has brought up moving to Virginia before, but I’m pretty sure she just wants to say she lives in goochland or bumpass because it sounds funny. She was just sent there for work recently.

Have you found anything cool on the property like old foundations?


This looks amazing, John! Really nicely done :art:


There’s also…

Image result for manassas dumfries


No, nothing like that. It’s mostly marsh feeding into a creek. Not bad for hunting (though there are more houses in the area now which makes it less not bad). Not that I hunt, but I like the idea of making sure its not used to build more houses. Of course this is the land behind all those houses so probably wouldn’t have been developed anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm, lots of walking and reading. If my phone is to be believed; I walked 4.8 miles/day last year, which makes sense since I live about 2 miles from work and walk there fairly often.

Are you working on tooling for that, or what?

Ah yeah, I think I’ve seen your channel:

My AoE II strategy was usually to build a bunch of walls and bombard towers. '90s-era AI couldn’t handle that for whatever reason, unless they succeeded in the early game rush.

If you moved to West Virginia you could sing that John Denver song!


Thank you very much! :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow! That’s amazing!


Me learning new digital marketing thing this year. I want to be more familiar with the marketing tools and wants to gather more information.


Sweet woods @senocular !!!

I’m in school, as usual. Doing a PhD in molecular microbiology.