What is the best gaming platform

For those people who are addict to games(gamer), what is the best gaming platfrom for you?(e.g. PC Games, Console Games, Arcade, etc.)

just tell me anytime

Thank you :slight_smile:

Oh man that is a hard choice!

I’m obssesed with PC, xbox, and arcade.

I’d say the only reason I’m hyped with arcade is becuase of Initial D :wink:

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definitely NES

I’ve noticed that too, what exactly is it for?

Anyway, to answer your question… well I guess there’s no real answer, it all depends on your personal opinion. I will tell you that the Xbox is the best, but then some PS2 loyalist comes in here and starts arguing with me. So you see, there is no “best gaming platform.”

I’ve noticed that too, what exactly is it for?

You trying to be funny?

What do you think? :wink:

don’t worry mini,
wizard is an escaped patient from shady achers mental hospital. He may be hard to understand sometimes so we should just speak slowly, and nod our heads to what he says :wink:



Console War:

Small selection of good titles for classic/younger/female gamers : Gamecube

Online Action / Sports system, with lots of FPS and Third person shooters, and big hard-drive requiring games (IE Fable) : Xbox

RPG’s and Horror games : PS2

Personally, I like all of the systems, but if I had to pick one of mine, I’d probobly go with the Xbox. My ps2 is showing age, and the graphics aren’t as sharp. I love the RPGs, but there aren’t enough other “good” games out that aren’t on Xbox too (with better graphics and faster loading). Gamecube is great for the few titles that it has (Zelda, Metroid, F-Zero, ETC) but it’s dying.

Now if you’re talking about consoles vs. pc games, I’d say it’s definitely PC with some minor acceptions. Sports games and platform games have always been better on a console. It’s the gamepad thing. Squaresoft style RPG’s too, but thats mainly because they just don’t make them for the PC. But for most other genres, PC mops the floor with it’s console cousins.

Lol :lol:. I agree though with that whole post. I wish xbox had more rpg to it. Fable should change that though :hugegrin:.

PC first cause modding stuff (like paints for cars/planes) is easy to do.
XBOX (Consol) 2nd because of sa-weeeeet graphics.

I would agree on that somewhat, but horror games are the best for PC. Undying and Doom3, plus more. And RPG’s are best on gameboy and ps2. Just wanted to add my thoughts.

You can’t beat the console or the arcade.:rambo:

A commodore 64!

…Mac? :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL. I think the commodore 64 has more gaming goodness than any mac… except maybe the Apple II’s Oregon Trail and Carmen San Diego from 3rd grade. :wink:

heh xbox all the way. can’t wait for fable!

I pretty much never play console games. Except for the occasional RPG. The PC is where it’s at. Better graphics, faster loading, more innovation. Games like Deus Ex : Invisible war, the games that push the envelope. Just can’t be compared to consoles. Oh, and h4xx0r5.

theres a search buttton?