Consoles VS the PC

What do you like better?
I actually dont mind either, you stick a keyboard & mouse in front of me and im gonna play, on the other hand console is an aquired choise some people hate the use of Combo buttons (button linked to do a 1 button action on the keyboard) but I like it, its like a more hands on gaming and you feel a little more linked to the game like your almost there.


Plain and simple.
I know that you’ll get more with a PC (without a doubt), but I think I’ll stick with my consoles.

PC - No Question

I just don’t like consoles. They are evil and must be stopped.
It really annoys me that all the best games come out on consoles first.

Have a read of this:

started by me as well. Good old times…

Depends for what genre of games… Consoles suck for FPSs, but are good for platformers.

No it depends on how powerful your PC is. A very powerful PC costs a lot, lot more than a PS2/XBox/GameCube. If you happen to have an uber powerful PC, more power to ya. I don’t. Consoles all the way. Also with consoles you know you don’t have to upgrade it every month to play the latest games.

Gordon’s right, that’s the only thing console has over PC.

Man you beat me to it, id say consoles because the game will be the same experience in terms of gameplay, this cannot be said for pcs because they have to design the game for various pc hardware configurations that it takes them more time to develop IMHO and its not the same running Doom3 on a 3gig machine with a gig o ram and a fantastic video card than running it on a 1.5 gig machine with 256 o ram and crappy video card.

You can play it but it will not be the same experience, so consoles win hands down.

Nah, I’d go with PC. Mine is +3 years old and it still meets the minimum requirements for D3! So really, upgrading isn’t a problem. My main reason for loving PC over any console is because I can use the Keyboard and mouse, which is just more comfortable for me.

(I bought my PC for $1250, and I love it to bits :pleased: )

its like njs said…depends

consoles have the advantage of only having to upgrade every 5 yrs (the average console lifespan), and many exclusive titles.
PC also has some exclusive titles, but they sometimes end up on consoles

  1. The Sims
  2. Counter-Strike
  3. Call of Duty
  4. Doom 3
  5. maybe Half-Life 2
    (these are just some games i can think of instantly)

also, almost every good Xbox game is availiable for PC…the main reason i dont have an Xbox
Knights of the Old Republic
KOTOR 2 \ eventually
Halo 2 /

plus, most ppl have a PC already, so there’s no reason to buy a console
then you have some new breeds, consoles that play PC games (DISCover)…not even going to bring that up…

oh, and that guy on MINIMALISTIKs thread who says the sims crashes…his fault…my old pc 266mhz…was fine w/ the sims…no expansions, but the original, it worked great…
and he says his PS2 never does that… i’ve heard ppl say allthe time how their PS2 breaks, disc-read errors, someone out there knows what im talking about
thank god i dont have ps2 and never will, but we all know sony’s video game quality…hehe:pleased:

oh, PC’s rule b/c of Galaxies…the single greatest game…ever

Id have to say its a tie they booth have goods and bads
no 15 min installation
little to no lag, or crappy fram rate
for games other than fps’s they have easy controls
useally the graphics are pretty good
2-4 player action in one room (without having to lug an entire comp)
the online is crap
it freezes sometimes (come to think of it a comp does more)
having to buy extras (ie: memory card, extra controller, network adapter)

the controls for fps’s
able to mod (like cs is to half life)
access to the net is great
alot more online players
crappy frame rate
having to always upgrade to play new games well (once every 2 years or so)
price $$$
crashes alot
cheaters (hackers, or wallhackers)
too many buttons (if your used to a console)
incompatable to certin graphics cards

I personally use pc only because I can just borrow the games off my friends and play it as well using the same machine. Now consoles are good because they are made specifcially for games. PC’s being able to play games is not their primary objective. Its for multitask functions whether it maybe be work or interactivity such as web-development. Games are a supplement to PCs and which is why companies such as Nivida and ATI now strive to bring pc users ultra-accelerating performance. In the end, whether or not you choose pc or console, if you can play the game than thats what your paying for.

WTF does that mean? PS2 games are excellent and the boundaries are still being moved back and back on what the PS2 can do! Plus the PS2 has some pretty good exclusives to rival that Xbox thing. Show us examples you say? Okay, GTA. Two games already that weren’t out on any other platform till four years after the first was relesed. Timesplitters 1 & 2. I don’t care what anyone says, this will always be the greatest FPS and it’s only on PS2. Metal Gear Solid 2 wasn’t out on Xbox until 2 years after. It was never on PC. Generally PC only games are things like Civilisation and Rollercoaster Tycoon. Strategy games which are fun but on consoles they don’t work because they require keyboards.

Overall I think it definitely depends on the type of games you like to play. I like 3rd and 1st person shooters but I love my PES2. Also I’ve waited long enough for GTA:SA and I’m not a bout to wait two years to get it on PC. I will always take consoles over PCs. I loves my PS2 I do.

I thought Tmesplitters was on Xbox too?

I’ve never owned a console (except maybe in about 6 hours :P) but have used them at other people’s houses… I think that they should be used for two different things, computers for learning and developing and internet and such, and consoles for gaming :wink:

Of course, I almost never play games on my computer either so…

It sure is on xbox, i just have to much fun with all the things i can do with my xbox that my ps2 has been collecting dust for almost 2 years already, last good game i played on ps2 was transformers and it was just too easy, and resident evil outbreak just totally sucked, so did metal gear solid 2 but not in terms of gameplay but storywise. The only game i see me cleaning up my ps2 to play is Metal Gear 3 and GTA:SA other than that the rest is mostly crap.

Besides my xbox is like 16 consoles and a arcade machine in 1 lol

yeah flash dont no what he talkin’ bout
its also on gamecube (at least the second one is)

and if u look at ANY game on ps2 xbox gamecube, the graphics on the latter two are much better. and flash everyone knows that ps2’s are as durable as a classic japanese car
notice how there are none in car shows

oh and buddy, how about Viewtiful Joe (never played it)
voted game of the year, now FINALLY on ps2

and we’ve all heard the stories about ppl dropping nintendo stuff off roofs, in toilets, etc. and they all work fine still

ur probably just better off waiting for the eventual release of SA on the big black+green box
it might have ppl w/ hands not blocks
i thought that ended with the N64, but sony seems to be a little behind (two controller ports? do ps2 ppl only have 1 friend each or somehting?)