What is the fastest, easiest way to make an ecommerce site?

I made a thread earlier asking about PayPal, it would seem some buds told me that it is not all that good, lots of rights turned over to PayPal…etc.

I need to add like a dozen things for sale on a clients website BY this weekend.
What is the best , fastest and easiest way to do this please?

At the time , he only has a PayPal account. Would he need an Internet Merchant Account?
Would that take long to do?

Your help would be SO appreciated!

Thank in advance.

D, I’m looking into getting the storefront software. Would you recommend hosting with them also? Do you have your clients on dedicated servers? Sorry for grilling ya! I’ve got a guy that needs a site with about 10 pages of merchandise. It seems like storefront is my ticket. Any advice on the steps I should take?

I have a few clients using it right now. I would recommend a dedicated but it is not really necessary. I would say storefront is by far the most robust I have used to date. My advice is ask a bunch of questions, with this robustness come responsibility. I highly recommend it tho.

Orion I believe you can use it with paypal…But I have not used in that fashion. I use a merchant account.

On their servers?

Making youre own, aint that hard and gives a way better result than using some Ecom. that you can download…