What is the fastest, easiest way to make an ecommerce site?

I made a thread earlier asking about PayPal, it would seem some buds told me that it is not all that good, lots of rights turned over to PayPal…etc.

I need to add like a dozen things for sale on a clients website BY this weekend.
What is the best , fastest and easiest way to do this please?

At the time , he only has a PayPal account. Would he need an Internet Merchant Account?
Would that take long to do?

Your help would be SO appreciated!

Thank in advance.

There are free shopping carts available (do a google) and good paid shopping cart is StoreFront (www.storefront.net) I have used it for several clients very robust.

I think your best and safest bet would be to go through a merchant account with a bank. They are relatively cheap these days and you will be covered under their fraud protection and SSL. It also eases the mind of the user to see familiar names and stuff when purchasing online. BUt you can still use a shopping cart upfront for shopping just went you press buy it conducts business on the bank side.

What about the FlashKart??? I know it is not the best way but it looked very decent to me… :slight_smile:

I use the free one supplied by Paypal. Its not too bad and it doesn’t take a genius to program. Here’s the only example I have, http://www.toyboxer.com/ just look at the source to see the simple html form code. Paypal has a code generator as well for the novice. You might have to get a business account with them though to use it. But if he sells a lot of stuff something like over 2,999 a month the rates are cheaper than the normal paypal user.

DDD: Does Storefront require a merchant account? Is it easy to set up?

garyzero: Looks good! Has your client had any problems with PayPal? How long has it been up and running?

Thanks to all again!

Been using it for almost 2 years, had one problem at about the 6 month period. But it was on the Paypal side and it was fixed within a couple hours. No changes to the site to fix it. It really is pretty easy to use but if you want to tie it into a database you might need some programming help. That part I couldn’t do myself but its not totally neccessary. Its a cheap and quick fix that might work for you.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

D, I’m looking into getting the storefront software. Would you recommend hosting with them also? Do you have your clients on dedicated servers? Sorry for grilling ya! I’ve got a guy that needs a site with about 10 pages of merchandise. It seems like storefront is my ticket. Any advice on the steps I should take?

I have a few clients using it right now. I would recommend a dedicated but it is not really necessary. I would say storefront is by far the most robust I have used to date. My advice is ask a bunch of questions, with this robustness come responsibility. I highly recommend it tho.

Orion I believe you can use it with paypal…But I have not used in that fashion. I use a merchant account.

On their servers?

Making youre own, aint that hard and gives a way better result than using some Ecom. that you can download…