What´s so great about a .pdf file.....?!?!


My father ask me if I could make a pdf archive and I had to say no, but that if I research a little bit I could do it in no time, but now Im thinking…what are the advantages of a pdf file…?? why make a pdf file??? whats so good about it that a lot of people use it?? I did a little research but still cant see whats new about it, anybody can tell me? Thanks :h:

pdf is supposed to work on any platform and and any easy format to use… the text appears as an image but is saved as text rather than an image as far as I know… or at least that’s my guess…

pdf files are for the computer illiterate. :lol:

Honestly, I don’t know what good they are although I use them all the time for simple flyers and stuff I do for clients when I’m not the one doing the printing.

Yea bombing you’re right but the fact of the matter is that anyone that needs to scale a document needs some other program to do so. Also, I think it’s laughable how bad the compression is.

mmmmmmm, yea I read they are supposed to work on any platform, but still not enough reason to make one, I also read they cant be edited (if u want to) but I need one good reason why should I use a PDF…

BTW, congrats in ur 2,000 post CC :slight_smile:

my school uses them to send their yearbook to the printer, and I think because it is supposed to be really easy to open for anybody, and at the same time be fairly complex with allowing text actually in it rather than images from text :P… I think it’s mostly that stupid people can open it while smart people can use it :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t like PDF. I used to like it when the Acrobat Reader program would open fairly quickly and not hog resources. I do have OpenOffice just so I can submit my Word 2003 files as a PDF for the various computer illiterate people though :slight_smile:

so basically OpenOffice convert MS word files to PDF format? that should be enough to make my dad happy, only because someone sent him a pdf file now he wants to make one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

lol. Kirupa I was going to mention that. Why the heck does it take so long to startup anyway?

Also, I only ever make pdf files for stuff that’s going to be printed in BW or grayscale cause I’ve had a few problems with colours and it wasn’t pretty.

:lol: @ Berks Dad. Tell him that pdfs are so last week.

lol, yea I know, he´s starting to discover incredibly new things… like flash :sure: I make him a small animation of his logo and he was like :stunned:

Tell him that pdfs are so last week.

yeah! tell him to do it in Flash.

I use a bunch of jpg images or html pages. anybody can read that. Okay then it’s not in a single file… But who cares ? At least you can edit text, take images, add interactivity…

Tell him it took you like 40 hours to do that animation and it takes pros like 60 hours to do the same. :lol:

I already make a power point presentation of his work in flash and now he wants ALL the presentations in flash, and he makes like 5 in a week :crazy: bad idea to offer him that :frowning:

ok, then, new things I know…

1-pdf´s can be opened in any platform

…that´s all

conclusion: PDF´s suck! I´ll tell him to continue with his Word documents :stuck_out_tongue:

I use a bunch of jpg images or html pages. anybody can read that. Okay then it’s not in a single file… But who cares ? At least you can edit text, take images, add interactivity…

yep, use Jpgs, and if your counterpart has a G-mail account and a 5Mbit connection too you can even send it over the internet. :beer:

I guess the main reason that many people use pdfs because they were built for text exchanges.

…I hate pdfs too :frowning:

pdf’s are great… Confusing but great.

It is used alot for printing, for document more than 2-4 pages long were talking program manuals here or online books that are several chapters deep. Its compresses pretty well if you know how to use it and may look strange online but will turn out fine printed (it sorta has a Quark appeal to it, shows images low quality, so theres no lag on multiple page documents). Also you can open PDF’s up in illustrator and edit the details. Unless you lock your PDF which is another great feature for design security.

for online use its pretty neat as well, with the ability to retain hyper links

It can be difficult to share documents created in a particular software application on a particular kind of computer with people who don’t have copies of that software or who are using another kind of computer. But when a document is made into a PDF (Portable Document Format) file, people using Macintosh, UNIX, Windows PC, or other computers can view or print that document, whether or not they have the software used to create it.

What Adobe is trying to do and is actually doing is to make PDF a standard for document exchange.

just have a look at the tour Adobe have:

The progam Arobat is deep, very deep, features for every professional.

Isn’t there something called FlashPaper that is similar?

i hate adobe all to gather:p fireworks instead of photoshop too!

What’s wrong with Adobe?

I absolutely adore FW, but I would not sub it for PS. I have been using flash paper lately. Very very awesome. But pdf’s are esential for print. At least for me.