Heres a basic PS question

why do companies always want pdf’s of work?

do they maintain quality that is lost when saving as a jpeg?
or what…

probably because they can’t be altered unless you own Acrobat Writer, and also they print out easily on Mac, and PC…

-from what I’ve seen,


Several reasons, some of which were mentioned. You need Adobe Acrobat to edit the document. PDF format is cross platform. To view the pdf output all you need is the free plug-in. In other words, if I created the document in Illustrator and “printed it” to a pdf file, you would not need Illustrator to view the contents.

ahhh i see
and im assuming that most companies have the plug in to view these
which would make it the best way to send out samples of my work, right?
im asking cuz im done with makin cds of my work
ive sent out so many cd’s with exes of director and flash on it - only to find out that most companies have firewalls that wont allow exe opening, or that the cd simply wont open on a mac.
and i wonder why i dont have a job yet lol