What should I do with the rest of my intro?

whats up
Im working on a site for a client and I have created an intro for him but I dont really know what kind of effect I want to use at the end of the intro… Like some kinda effect over top of the picture at the end of the intro and maybe some music… Im kinda feeling uninspired today so any ideas? www.customwheelsales.com

let me know

up the frame rate! and add a hit area to the enter button! other than that, it looks ok already. Deffinately needs some sound effects :).


thanks I actually forgot to set the frame rate :krazy:

ok now Ive added some text effects and a soundloop… what else? :wink:

GEEZE fast work :slight_smile:

I like it a lot more now, I might sugest a darker background, but that’s just me… I like dark things :slight_smile:

Keep it up!

whats the point of the preloader for the videos? for some reason, it looks a lot like one i made and posted in this forum =). Also you need a hitbox for the buttons. Having to go over the text is a hassle for users. Also I dont think you have the right to put that sound file on your site.

well the preloader is something that I made from scratch but its broken right now because Im trying to recode it differently. Sorry if it looks like something you might have made but I assure you that I didnt take it from anyone. and I have fixed the text buttons but Im still having issues with getting the main intro window to close when you click on one of the buttons…

I like it alot!!!

thanks b3n

I still think its missing something… maybe some kind of animation the would be halfway transparent over the carpic that maybe moves to the beat of the music? Ill have to try it out tommorow and see how it looks…

thanks for the compliment.

change the font to dynamic, multipleline

ok Ive made so more changes… what do you think? Is the text ok or what?

um, looks good. but when you enter the site, the intro music doesn’t stop… so it has 2 soundtracks going at once :slight_smile:


well actually i cant seem to figure out the html to close the intro window when you click on the enter button… any ideas?

<---- Didn’t read any of the other crits so please forgive me if I repeat anything. (I usually don’t though)

The orange text is hard to read on the background. I had to squint to read it. Plus the test went off screen to fast conisdering I couldn’t read it fast enough because of bad color choice. Black would be suitable in this little intro.

A pep-pieve of mine is splash pages and intros that have sound and then the site has sound to but the splash/intro page has a _blank link to the site and the site has totally different music. A no no imo. Have a _self or _parent link. This way you don’t have to exit of the splash page seperatly so you can here only one sound going on at one time.

Well there is my 2cents. Hope it helps.

its good the way it is, exept the problem for me is it takes to long to load (on a braodband connection) and theres not really much goin on apart from the text

ok made some more changes let me know what you think