What should I study first to learn programming?

What should I study first to learn programming?

What are you trying to do by learning programming? If it is to become a software engineer, do you have a preference for frontend or backend development?

You could wish to begin learning a language that doesn’t involve data structures or algorithms as a beginning. If so, starting with HTML or CSS is a wonderful idea. However, there are many uses for and wonderful starting languages like Java and Python.

I would start by finding a problem you want to solve in real life that is burning to be solved by you. Pick a language and solve it.

Hey folks! If you’re diving into programming, start with the basics like Python or JavaScript. These languages are newbie-friendly and widely used. As you progress, tackle more complex concepts like algorithms and data structures.

Oh, and don’t shy away from debugging – it’s a valuable skill. Remember, practice is key. Build small projects, break stuff, and learn from it. Good luck on your coding journey! :rocket:

You should start to learn C programming as it is the fundamental and also the mother of all programming languages.