Why cant i say f*ck anymore?

Why should all the “”"“naughty”""" words be turned into little **** ?
Is it just me or i cant say , bull, maybe cunt and other…
Is it because the youth has moved to Kirupaville or wha?

…yes. Actually, most intelligent people can get their points across without having to use *****, or *****, ********** lol =)

Kirupa :bandit:

very well put kirupa - and your younger than most of us!!!:elderly:


Kirupa… maybe you should censor cunt

Yes you should censore out cunt and maybe balls i dunno but definitly cunt

balls isnt really a bad word, only in certain contexts…

and if someone named there movie clip ball or balls in a flash expirement and they needed help, well they would be ****ed:P

Your right i think illl go **** myself i ony know right now i am gonna go sit in my little gay *** ****ing char and be quit.

Oh by the way i think you migh want to take some time doing this A S S see i said it

He can’t get every possibility of the word… Someone will come up with something new…



There are too many different ways… I think of it as… if they make a point to use such stuff… then warn em… And then boot em the heck out…

Lemme check on some common words that might offend.



Those are just some words that I think might wanna be checked over… Some of them might already be crossed off… We shall see when I post this…

Take it easy Kirupa… I don’t mind you editting this to bleep these words out then as needed.

PlayaMarz you made your point again like i said i was going to sit my ****ing *** in the chair.

Good****ing bye=)

I don’t think **** are bad. It’s true that intelligent people can express themselves without having to use “bad” words. Especially on a forum. There’s no point of using those.

What makes me mad is the censorship on MTV music videos for example. Luckily we get to see the uncensored movies in the European cinemas. Which is not the case in most of the U.S. theaters. But that’s off topic. :slight_smile:

dont want to give away the secrets

for those quick enough to ay ****

How How How How How?

Thanks now i am out of my chair amd gonna try this 100 times its all sen’s fault die sen die

I just added the two in your post to the list of words censored playamarz. The reason is, most forums do not allow bad language. They usually have a mod go through and edit them - which is usually a waste of a mod’s time. Instead, here all the words filtered - saves everyone’s time =)

I must be heading off to school - cya all in a few hours!

Kirupa :!:

*Originally posted by mlkdesign *
**Why should all the “”““naughty””“” words be turned into little **** ?
Is it just me or i cant say , bull, maybe **** and other…
Is it because the youth has moved to Kirupaville or wha? **

Dude, isn’t this like the 10th time you complained about censoring? Just get over it.


Cry me a river build me a bridge and get over it.

what about valid uses?

**** tracy
***** willow
Co., GB
Lazy *** Ranch Apparel



how often does **** tracy come up in conversation?

I think we are pretty safe our point will get across :slight_smile:

it just did, twice! **** tracy is a great comic legend! You can never have enough ****. Sometimes its a little unreal how **** never gets blown away, only the bad guys. Thats **** for ya!

… lest us forget not all the ****insons out there

plain and simple why we dont use swearing. its un professional and its a really bad habbit.:smirk: