Whats every1's fav font?

i just wanna know, cuz im doing my website…

Depends on what type. Advocat is my favorite PixelFont.


Times New Roman

Lol TNR - I hate that one Fusion.



a great great font in my opion

other then that blood omen and neverwinter nights font


I concur.

I also like tahoma and veranda. :azn:

century gothic is nice

Helvetica - all lowercase

roger veranda…the trick with it is to make it small and try bold it should be awesome, espically if your looking for a normal looking font with a little uniquness to it

Verdana is the best.

verdana, helvetica

verdana too :slight_smile:

weltron urban and harrington (more for decorative use, or just a header).
franklin gothic is nice.
for a normal, pretty legible one, optima.

please no courrier or papyrus.

man i love the grunginess of Base02 that font gets my creative juices flowing :beam:


Myriad Pro
Verdana (at 10 point)
Tahoma (at 10 point)

[FONT=Verdana]Verdana is nice[/FONT]
and so is helvitica
[FONT=Tahoma]so is tahoma[/FONT]
[SIZE=5][FONT=Times New Roman]and times new roman[/FONT][/SIZE]

Verdana and Helvetica just like Ahmed said :wink:

Verdana Rulz :smiley: